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A lash lift is an approximately 45 minute service that takes your natural lashes and lifts/curls them upward, similar to an eyelash curler but SO MUCH better. The results give you the look of having used an eyelash curler and mascara while doing neither!! The innovative, advanced products that Laci Fore Makeup Artistry uses is safe, natural and organic. This service is not only great for everyday life but it is a must have for vacations, beach trips, honeymoons, summertime, new moms, and those who wear minimal makeup! Lash Lifts not only do all the heavy lifting for you (pun intended) but they complete your summer/holiday glow!

What is a Lash Lift?

Lash lifts give you IMMEDIATE results that 8-10 weeks, sometimes even 12 weeks!! That means you literally wakeup with fabulous, lifted lashes everyday!

How long does a lash lift last?

YES, YES, YES! One of the reasons why I love a lash lift is because you can continue with all of your normal, everyday makeup and skin care routines if you choose to do so.

can I    still wear mascara?

The short answer is yes; unless you have a pre-existing condition that limits your ability to have the service performed. It is important that you discuss any pre-existing conditions, skin allergies or known sensitivities with your lash expert at Laci Fore Makeup Artistry prior to service. If you wear contacts that is not an issue and will not prevent you from being able to take advantage of this awesome service.

Is this safe for my eyes
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