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Okay, You do Makeup- But Who are You Really?

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

So by now you have probably taken the time to read the business bio, but that lacks a lot about who I am outside of being an entrepreneur and loving all things glam. So who am I? Interestingly enough, I ask myself that all the time. Not because I am unaware of my self-identity, but because I genuinely am really well-rounded which means I take an interest in SO many different things. Matter of fact, I can take the Myers-Briggs test (or any other similar personality identifier) and get different results every. single. time. Does that make me different? Yup. Am I low-key proud of that? Sure am. I don't fit into a circle and I have spent my entire life loving every minute of living outside the lines and the pushing limits (my parents may have struggled at times with that, HAHA). If I had to describe myself in three words... Free-spirited, introverted-extrovert, girly-tomboy (you see what I did there? It may be three "words" but it's really 6 words- reiterate prior sentence).

I am a happily married, God-fearing, mama of 3 fur babies. I've been with my A1 since day 1 (or the equivalent of almost 10 years) and he is still breathing- which makes him the real MVP. My babies are the BEST pups in the entire world and literally give me life. I express my creativity in more ways than just makeup. In another life I would have been a designer as I live for fashion & styling (I use to sketch clothes, interiors, and buildings). I also do all the design work (with input from my hubby) in our flip houses and our home(s).

More often than not, I wear minimal makeup. I have a MBA that I earned while working 2 jobs. I love just about every kind of music (with the exception of 99.9% of blue-grass), but old school r&b and hip-hop are my fav's. I'm an adrenaline junkie that'll try just about anything at least once.

I legit rarely take myself seriously. I have a SUPER dry, witty sense of humor and I'm extremely blunt. If you don't know me that can be a deadly combo, but I promise I'm actually a really sweet, southern gal. I have a small, close knit circle because I CANNOT stand drama. As a result I've always been and still am "one of the boys". I grew up around hunting, fishing, riding four wheelers and horses, and generally speaking always getting my hands dirty. I learned at a super young age to work hard for anything you want in life and have been "kicking butt and taking names ever since" (AKA HUSTLIN). On average I clock somewhere between 70-80 hour work weeks & my hubs works 7 days a week too. Our motto is to do it now while we are young. We also LOVE to travel and do so frequently to help maintain the so-called "balance". We've never been to the same destination twice and I pray we see a lot more of this big ole' world.

I was a tri-athelete in high school and I still workout 5-6 days a week. I actually do genuinely enjoy working out but more importantly I workout to combat the obnoxious amount of carbs I consume. I seriously LOVE food, but don't cook (To be clear, I physically can cook, but its not one of my strengths or passions). Thank goodness for a hubby that likes to and feeds me =).


  • Dancing QUEEN

  • OBSESSED with shoes- but as soon as I am home I am barefoot

  • I love to lay on the floor

  • No one should ever admit to the amount of carbs I consume (particular favorites are chips of any kind, always fries, and bread)

  • The "classy" girl who rolls up rapping trap music

  • Fashionista all day- erryday

  • LOVE getting mail & cards from my clients despite the fact that I rarely use snail mail

  • I take my coffee black

  • Black is also my favorite color

  • Any kind of body of water is my escape (thus why our travels always involve water)

  • I could travel the world and it still wouldn't be enough #wanderlustatheart

  • I am one proud auntie

  • My 3 chihuahuas give me life- but I love all animals in general

  • When I'm pale its more than depressing (but I gave up tanning) #thestruggleisREAL

  • I'm the furthest thing from the traditional "wifey" but I bring a lot to the table #dontjudge

  • I prefer a bang-bang shoot em' up kinda movie over a chick flick any day- But my top fav movies are Dirty Dancing, Flashdance and Pretty Woman

  • Vanilla ice cream all the way

  • I could careless about flowers - although I appreciate their beauty

  • Bring me a piece of my favorite candy, or chips & dip and my entire day is made. #itsthelittlethings

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