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Who Takes Pictures in the Rain?

We've all heard the saying: "In a world full of #Kardasians , be an Audrey". Or a similar one saying. Well, I feel like that concept applies a little here. Don't get me wrong, I am just as obsessed with gorgeous sunset photos as you are probably dreaming of; BUT if you schedule your photos and all of the sudden rain dominates the forecast, do NOT be discouraged. This is an opportunity to do something different, and have FUN.

I had one couple in particular (yes, that infectious smile you see above) who not only kept their pictures scheduled despite torrential downpours being in the forecast but they were actually pumped about it. At first I was hesitant, because well, every time rain pops up my clients reschedule but after I realized she wasn't kidding I was super excited to see the outcome.

Here is the look we did for her #shoot. A soft look with a pop of color for this naturally beautiful girl (AND HER EYES. I mean, come on!).

And here is a BONUS tip, when your #makeup is professionally done you do not have to worry about running makeup (her review is at the end)!! Mater of fact, when I got #engaged my hubby & I jumped in a lake and some of my absolute FAVORITE pictures are the ones the photographer captured after we were SOAKING wet (I have included on for your viewing pleasure).

Might I also add that we took this photo in mid-October and the lake was FREEZING. My, now husband, may or may not have wanted to kill me. But guess what? It was super fun and exhilarating.

Okay, now back to my point. Photos in the rain can be super #epic. And what is more fun than dancing in the rain?!? Everyone has seen the Hillary Duff movie where she dances in the rain and makes every little girl dream of such a day (Don't tell me I am the only one). This couple did just that. They danced, splashed, and kicked puddles in the rain and had a blast doing so. Use the rain to your advantage! Grab some cute #rainboots, a clear umbrella (or patterned one), maybe a rain jacket and play with your soon-to-be hubby! After this awesome couple did their rain shoot, I had several other clients do they same and each was equally different and awesome.

When the rain first started to fall.

Legit #dancingintherain (insert hand raising emoji)

In short- Be unique. Be different. But more than that, HAVE FUN!! Life is too short to be so serious =).

Oh and p.s. this is the note I got from Lyndsey after this shoot:

"You are amazing!!! We got some pictures in before it really started to rain, and then we twirled around in the POURING rain for another hour and took lots more! I was shocked when I got back to the my car and looked in the mirror and my makeup hadn't moved!! You are seriously so incredible!!!" -

Professional Pictures: Emily Hancock Photography

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